ProxNet Controller (870-641-40)

ProxNet Software (870-640-91)

  • The ProxNet software expands the functionality of the system but it is important to remember that most of the data is stored in both the controller and the PC and to prevent synchronization problems, once the ProxNet software is used all programming must be done via the PC.
  • ProxNet software runs under the Windows operating system. NT requires version 4.0 with service pack 3 or higher.

ProxNet Graphics Software Module (870-640-96)

The ProxNet Graphic Display software (PGD) provides feedback of activity on a ProxNet installation by monitoring all the communications on the RS-485 network and shows the status of doors etc. on the monitoring PC’s display. The display screens can be based on site layout drawings or pictures. To this are added standard or user defined images that represent the various states of the access control elements. Each access control element has a range of attributes which affects the way activity is displayed on the screen and what actions (alarms etc.) are triggered by the activity. The PGD system can easily be tailored to match the user’s requirement. Because of the way PGD has been implemented there can be many PCs monitoring and displaying information either of the whole site or subsections of the site.

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Product description


  • Time Zone 8 switch to override all 7 other time zones
  • Anti-Pass-Back – including timed anti-pass-back
  • Up Counters – preset to any value – counts to max 65535
  • Down Counters – start count programmable – access denied at zero
  • Date / Time stamp on transactions
    o    Programmable Tag validity period outside of which the tag is denied access
  • Individual or Global door release from ProxNet Controller
  • Last 4800 transactions stored in ProxNet Controller nonvolatile memory
  • Reader buffer of 1800 transaction in the event of communications loss
  • Evacuation function
  • Alarm input at each ProxNet Reader
  • Alarm relay on ProxNet Controller
  • Individual strike and alarm times programmable
  • Full access control (except for APB and counters) in the event of RS-485 or Controller failure
  • Automatic reader address configuration during installation
  • Controller has 16 character display and 12 digit keypad
  • Programming secured by 2 Level password
  • PC software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 for management of the system and reporting