JVA Electric Security Fence System

Here at JVA, we focus only on delivering good value, high quality electric fence components backed by years of marketing, design, and manufacturing experience. Our aim is to deliver products of exceptional value made universally available and supported by local service. JVAs Electric Fencing have developed a series of electric security fence products comprising of inexpensive building blocks, sophisticated networking accessories and software.

JVA offer a combination of components to suit every electric security fence requirement, from a basic single zone domestic perimeter to protecting the most complex, high-risk, high-value or high security site. The JVA electric security fence system is integration friendly, from low level wired contacts to high level software connectivity.

A regulated electric pulse transmitted through the perimeter fence line halt attempts to breach the perimeter and deters intruders or escapees. JVA’s electric fence differentiates between serious breaches and minor disturbances from wildlife, birds or weather conditions. JVA customized perimeter security solutions include electric fence systems for a diversity of residential or commercial applications. JVA also offers fence applications suited to high-risk security installations such as power stations, refineries, military bases and prisons.

The JVA networked perimeter fence enables configuration, control and monitoring of the electric fence through dedicated controller software. It offers advanced multi-zone protection on single or multiple distributed sites and can be integrated with other security options such as imaging devices, intruder alarm or access control, alarm monitoring and signaling.