JVA Electric Fencing have developed a suite of electric security fence products comprising of inexpensive building blocks, sophisticated networking accessories and software.

JVA offer a combination of components to suit every electric security fence requirement, from a basic single zone domestic perimeter to protecting the most complex, high-risk, high-value or high security site. The JVA electric security fence system is integration friendly, from low level wired contacts to high level software connectivity.

A regulated electric pulse transmitted through the perimeter fence line curtails attempts to breach the perimeter and deters intruders or escapees. JVA’s electric fence differentiates between serious breaches and minor disturbances from wildlife, birds or weather conditions.

JVA customised perimeter security solutions include electric fence systems for a diversity of residential or commercial applications. JVA also offers fence applications suited to high-risk security installations such as power stations, refineries, military bases and prisons.

The JVA networked perimeter fence enables configuration, control and monitoring of the electric fence through dedicated controller software. It offers advanced multi-zone protection on single or multiple distributed sites and can be integrated with other security options such as imaging devices, intruder alarm or access control, alarm monitoring and signalling.

Once a visual barrier has been established with the construction of a physical electric fence, the demarcation boundary is clear. Energized (electrified) wires with appropriate signage deter intruders further. Every second the JVA energizer discharges a very short-duration, safe, high-voltage impulse down the fence live wires. The JVA security energizer then monitors the voltage at the end of this live wire, checking that the voltage is being maintained along the entire fence line. In the event of a voltage drop caused by either shorting, cutting or poor maintenance, the monitor will trigger an alarm, alerting to the intrusion, breach or breakdown. All JVA Z series energizers have a large number of programmable options to allow them to be modified for various site requirements.

  • Single Zone Energizer 
    Single zone energizers electrify and monitor a section of fence. If separate alarms are required for separate sections of the perimeter, simply install a single zone energizer for each section, or zone, of the fence. When multiple energizers are required on a site, the energizers are linked using the JVA wired Keypad bus so they may be controlled as a group. 
  • Dual Zone Energizer 
    Dual zone energizers can power and monitor two independent zones. Perfect for larger sites and long perimeters where two zones are powered from one field Enclosure.
  • JVA Keypad
    JVA keypads may be designed into a security electric fence system as the primary local control method in residential or industrial security. Any JVA keypad can be used to set the energizers’ programmable options. Connection and power is via a noise tolerant 12V wired serial bus. The LCD keypads show the status of a single energizer or of a group of up to 15 devices.
  • JVA Android Keypad
    Set up a site fence quickly with the fluid user interface of the JVA Touch Keypad. A persistent top bar informs of alarms and displays a pulse animation in time with the energizers. Email notifications can be configured. An onboard log of users, actions and alarms can be viewed.
  • JVA 4-Line LCD Keypad
    The JVA 4-Line LCD Keypad is an integral component in the JVA Security Electric Fence product range. Providing a centralized interface between the Customer and their Perimeter Security Solution; it displays the current condition of each security device connected and can draw attention to adverse fence conditions. 
  • JVA GSM / SMS Gateway
    Short Message Service (SMS) can also be used in monitoring the Z-Series Energizer. This device uses a SIM Card to operate. 
  • Directional Volt Meter
    The JVA Electric Fence Fault-Finder is a 2-in-1 tool designed to display fence voltage and current and lead the user quickly to the location of the fault on an electric fence. 
  • Fence Beeper
    Economical keyfob tester, which, when held in close proximity to a working electric fence, responds with a loud beep. 
  • Remote Control
    The JVA Remote Control is a handheld remote control used for arming and disarming. 
  • Fence Nite Lite
    Flashes with every fence pulse.  
  • Perimeter Patrol
    JVA Perimeter Patrol can be used to quickly view the status and voltages of electric fences and devices; alert and email the user when the fences, gates or other devices need attention; arm and disarm electric fences according to a custom schedule and remotely access electric fence systems. 
  • Perimeter Patrol High Level Interface
    The High Level Integration Program (HLI) allows the user to take control of multiple Perimeter Patrol Sites and display all the sites on one control room screen. This is ideal for offsite management.
  • Network Interface Boards
    • RS 485 – The RS485 provides optical isolation to the communication link between Z-Series Energizers while utilising the RS-485 serial bus Standards.
    • USB Adaptor – The USB Adaptor allows easy connection between a PC running Perimeter Patrol and a group of Z-Series Energizers.
    • GPIO – The General Purpose Input Output Board (GPIO) easily provides 3
      standalone Inputs and 4 Outputs that integrate external equipment
      into the Perimeter Patrol System.
    • Ethernet GPIO – The Ethernet General Purpose Input Output Board (GPIO) is a combination of the PAE212 TCP/IP and PAE222 GPIO boards that provides 3 standalone Inputs and 4 Outputs that easily can monitor either Digital or Analogue devices such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors and water level indicators, while the outputs can be used to turn on security lighting, sirens or water pumps.
  • GSM Communicator
    JVA’s new GSM module is compatible with all of the JVA range of energizers. The module is designed to interface seamlessly with JVA’s own internet platorm to allow the end user to monitor and control his electric fence energizer.
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Unit Enclosures
  • Dual Lightning Diverter
    A lightning diverter that can handle both the Feed-Out and Return circuits of a security energizer. 
  • Fence Line Lightning Diverter
    The unique, V-shaped JVA Electric Fence Lightning Diverter is fully SANS 10222-3 compliant and is ideal for incorporation into lengthy agricultural and wildlife fences in areas where lightning is Problematic.