JVA Technologies (Australia), is a company that has drawn on over 40 years’ experience in some of the world’s most testing international and local security markets, to produce a wider product range to satisfy the needs of the global electric security fence markets ranging from a simple domestic requirement, to any high security installations. The JVA Products and the expertise of the JVA Engineers has become a trusted choice for local and international customers as they meet all the strict specifications required to secure important government contracts for prison, airports, power stations, defense facilities, and large and small scale municipalities.

JVA Technologies’ global partnerships enables it to combine award winning, Australian engineering design expertise with other major countries, cost effectiveness, assembly and accessory manufacturing. With all of catering to the local market, JVA Security Supply Center, Inc. aims to continue JVA Technologies’ outstanding run in the Philippines, making it easier for the country to attain JVA’s robust and effective product range that continuously set international standards of quality, innovation, and cost effectiveness.

JVA Security Supply Center, Inc. plans to strategically position Sales and Service Outlets all around the country with its own in-house technical personnel, making it easier to offer fast and efficient after-sales repair service and on-the-spot expert technical advice throughout the Philippines.