IDS X16, 8 Zone Expandable To 16 Zone Control Panel

The X-Series alarm control panels are the ideal security solution for both residential & commercial environments.

The X-Series can expand effortlessly to 16 zones on the X16, or 64 zones on the X64. With its innovative range of wired and wireless zone expanders, keypads & add on modules, it is arguably the most versatile & cost-effective security system in the market place today.

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Product description

X16 8 Zone expandable to 16 Zone control panel 860-1-473-X16
X64 8 Zone expandable to 64 Zone control panel 860-1-864-XS

• 8 partitions
• Supports up to 8 keypads
• 5 fully programmable outputs expandable to 25 outputs
• Zone expanders available for both wired & wireless devices
(up to 16 onboard wired zones)
• 128 user codes
• 1 OOO event log
• Dedicated panic zone
• Dual Power Supply:
– 750mA auxiliary power
– SOOmA dedicated battery charger for optimal backup battery
• Dedicated radio transmitter terminals
• Dedicated box tamper zone
• Optional tamper per zone using double end of line resistors
• Excellent protection against lightning
• Dynamic battery self test

• No activity arming
• No movement alarm
• Auto arm/ disarm per partition
• Maintenance code
• Daylight saving
• Dynamic battery self-test
• Programmable zone type
• Programmable output types
• Programmable loop response time
• Programmable common zone partitions

• IDS’s renowned one-button arming
• User programmable stay, buzz & chime profiles
• Easy cross partition access
• 3 quick arm modes:
(1) Stay, (2) Away and (3) Stay and Go
• 4 user programmable stay profiles:
Stay, Night Stay, Day Stay, Perimeter

• Contact ID / 4X2 / SESCOA etc
• Dual & split reporting